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About Us

The Project Child Support Initiative provides custodial and noncustodial parents with the most comprehensive private child support assistance services available.  The initiative consists of Project Child Support Inc., the Custodial Support Law Office, and Bounty Alert, Inc. that work together to provide parents with an array of services not provided by any single organization or agency.  These services include investigations, legal, collection, educational, charitable and apprehension assistance.


Our Mission


Project Child Support's mission is to provide custodial parents with services to receive the child support their children deserve, and provide noncustodial parents with the child support resource to reduce the more than $110 billion owed in child support arrears in the United States of America.

Project Child Support, Inc. provides investigative and collection services to assist custodial parents who are owed child support and noncustodial parents who owe child support.  The investigative services provided for parents who are owed child support, and acquire the Collection Program include determining a noncustodial parent's location, income and assets.  The investigative services provided for noncustodial parents who owe child support and acquire the Amnesty Program help demonstrate to the court they are not hiding any undeclared income and assets.

Project Child support also oversees the entire process of each service provided for each client, and coordinates the efforts of each organization contracted to service each client.

The Custodial Support Law Office provides legal services to assist custodial parents who are owed arrears to obtain enforcement or consent orders, to enforce the payment of their unpaid child support arrears.  Legal services are also provided to noncustodial parents to discharge enforcement actions or obtain modifications to reduce child support payment obligations.  Services to discharge enforcement actions include the discharge of arrest warrants, restoration of driver's licenses, reissuance of passports, and the discharge of any leans or levies.

Parents may choose to retain the services of the Custodial Support Law Office of retain another attorney of their choice, at which time the Custodial Support Law Office will work with the client's private attorney.

Bounty Alert, Inc. provides apprehension assistance services when arrest warrants are issued against noncustodial parents for failing to pay child support, to enforcement the payment their child support.  These assistance services include assisting law enforcement, contracting licensed fugitive recovery agents to perform apprehensions, providing a 24-hour apprehension tip service, and a mobile phone warrant alert notification service.

Bounty Alert has entered into agreements with more than 48 licensed fugitive recovery agencies to hunt down and apprehend noncustodial parents with arrest warrants, regardless if they have relocated to another jurisdiction or state within the United States and its Territories.

Management - Project Child Support's Management Team and Advocates possess the backgrounds and motivation to provide custodial with the legal services and resources they need to collect child support when they have a child support order, and owed arrears.


Project Child Support assists custodial parents in collecting their child support arrears, by providing the necessary services to help them obtain an Enforcement Order.


We understand the importance of Custodial Parents receiving child support and the many problems created by child support neglect.


The Custodial Support Forum - Project Child Support, through its charitable initiative, provides the Nation's first talk show dedicated to educating custodial and noncustodial parents with dealing with child support collection and payment problems.

Custodial Parent and Noncustodial Parent Endorsements


Custodial Parent Endorsement - Project Child Support's Collection Program has assisted several custodial parents with collecting their child support arrears, by providing the most comprehensive private program available.


Noncustodial Parent Endorsement - Project Child Support's Amnesty Program has assisted several noncustodial parents with establishing payment plans with the court to discharge enforcement actions, including jail releases, structured payments, discharging of arrest warrants, stopping tax liens, restoring driver's licenses, and reissuing passports. 

Our 5 Keys to Success  - Project Child Support has contracted collection agency has a 91% success rate in collection accounts with Enforcement Orders and 84% with Judgments. We provide the maximum services and have developed 5 Keys to help custodial parents receive the child support their children deserve, when a noncustodial parent can, but refuses to pay.

To provide parents with programs necessary to receive child support, we have contracted a team of lawyers to assist in preparing certifications and motions to enable custodial parents to receive child support as quickly as possible.


Programs to Accomplish the Mission

Our Filing Program - Project Child Support's Filing Program provides custodial parents with free tools and information to file to receive a child support order and child support through their regional child support enforcement agency.


Our Collection Program - Project Child Support's Collection Program also provides custodial parents with the services to receive child support from non-paying noncustodial parents by identifying, locating, seizing and liquidating their assets, in addition to providing fugitive recovery agents to apprehend noncustodial parents with child support warrants. 


Our Amnesty Program - Project Child Support's Amnesty Program provides legal assistance for noncustodial parents that owe child support arrears, have arrest warrant for unpaid arrears, revoked driver licenses, revoked passports and income tax levies.

Our Outreach Programs

Workshops and a Weekly Television Talk Show

Parents are provided with free child support toolkits to help them file to receive child support, and collect child support from noncustodial parents that refuse to provide child support for their children.

The Custodial Support Forum now airs a weekly television talk show to discuss the issues concerning child support.

Project Child Support Will Not Take Any Portion Of A Parent’s Child Support As Payment

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