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Apprehension Services

When the Office of Child Support Enforcement issues arrest warrants against a noncustodial parents for failing to pay child support, custodial parents must wait until their children's noncustodial parents are apprehended before they can expect to receive support for their children.

There are an estimated 2.6 million outstanding felony warrants in the United States, which has made child support warrants a low priority.  The longer it  takes to apprehend a noncustodial parent with a child support warrant, the longer their children go without receiving child support.

The Custodial Support Foundation Apprehension Service was designed to apprehend noncustodial parents with child support warrants for arrears, anywhere within the United States and its territories.

The Apprehension Services fees are billed to noncustodial parents through Enforcement Orders.

Episode 6: Apprehension Services

42 Fugitive Recovery Agencies Contracted to Apprehend Noncustodial Parent's with Arrest Warrants

Bounty Alert has contracted 42 fugitive agencies, with hundreds of fugitive recovery agents to hunt down, locate and apprehend noncustodial parents with child support warrants.

The costs of the Apprehension Program are included in the court orders obtained through the documents prepared through our Legal Assistance Services.  The court court documents require the noncustodial parent to pay their capture and fugitive transportation fees to return them to the jurisdiction that issued the warrant.

The apprehension fees are collected through collections, seizures and liquidations to prevent custodial parents from incurring the apprehension and fugitive transportation costs.

This program is only for custodial parents with a child support warrant issued against a noncustodial parent for past due arrears.

Documents and Services Provided:

Private investigative services to locate noncustodial parents

Motion to have an arrest warrant issued of a warrant has not been issued by the Office of Child Support Enforcement

Motion to have apprehension fees paid by the noncustodial parent through collections, seizures and liquidations

A list of locations where a custodial parent can file the motion within their jurisdiction

Apprehension release agreement to contract a team of fugitive recovery agents to apprehend a noncustodial parent

Collection Agency Agreement to levy and recover noncustodial parent's assets awarded in lawsuit

Listing and Alerts sent out containing the noncustodial parent's full profile, including photograph and description information

24-Hour Call Center to receive leads to locate and apprehend the noncustodial parent

The Services of the Collection Program are Provided by Bounty Alert.

Bounty Alert was designed and developed with the support of law enforcement agents and  lawyers.

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