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The Custodial Support Foundation has contracted the most successful licensed attorney based collection agency to provide services for the Collection Program. 

More Than 100 Seizures and Liquidations Per Week!  

The Highest Industry Collection  and Apprehension Rates:

•  Collections with an Enforcement Orders = 91%

  Collections with a Court Order = 84%


Collection Steps:


1.  Once a Custodial Parent Subscribes to the Collection Program, they will initially receive a investigative report summary of the noncustodial parent's location, assets and credit report.  The summary reports enable the address obtained to be confirmed as most recent address used by the noncustodial parent.


2.  After the investigative reports are obtained, and the supporting information to confirm the child support arrears, a Motion is prepared and filed by an attorney provided by the Custodial Support Foundation to enable a custodial parent to obtain a Child Support Enforcement Order.  The Child Support Enforcement Order enables the levy, seizure and liquidation of the noncustodial parent's assts to enforce the original child support order.


Episode 4: Collecting Your Arrears



3.  Once the Child Support Enforcement Order is granted by the court, the noncustodial parent is contacted to structure a payment of the arrears and expenses.  Should the noncustodial parent not agree to a payment plan acceptable to the custodial parent, the noncustodial parents assets are levied, seized and liquidated to pay the arrears and expenses identified in the Child Support Enforcement Order to be collected.


Investigative Report Benefits:


Location to Serve Noncustodial Parents - The investigative report summary enables a certification to be provided to the court that confirms the noncustodial parents address, should they refuse to accept court notices.  The certification with the investigative summary report will confirm the noncustodial parents accepts mail at the address, has credit accounts at the address, and has assets at the address.  This information enables sending regular to the noncustodial parent's address mail to be accepted as serving the noncustodial parent.


Assets Owed by Noncustodial Parents - The investigative report summary enables the assets of the noncustodial parents to be determined, which can be levied once a Child Support Enforcement Order is obtained.  The collection process will seize and liquidate the assets to pay the child support arrears, and any fees to obtain the Child Support Enforcement Order.


Income Declared by  Noncustodial Parents - The investigative report summary enables declared income in any credit reports to be used to confirm the noncustodial parent's income.  This information can be used to assist custodial parents in filing to obtain a child support order.  This information can be used by custodial parents to file to increase the child support to reflect the noncustodial parent's declared income.  The information can also be used to oppose any child support reduction motions by noncustodial custodial parents that truly have the income to pay their child support and arrears.


Project Child Support Will Not Take Any Portion Of A Parent’s Child Support As Payment

Project Child Support is a Sponsor of the Custodial Support Foundation of the Trust Counselors Network

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