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Episode 7: Service for Noncustodial Parents

Airing August 18, 2012, at 7:00 PM, on Cablevision, Channel 19


Season 1: What You Didn't Know About Child Support

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Issues Related To Noncustodial Parents And Services To Assist The Payment Of Their Arrears

Episode 7 of the Custodial Support Forum provides insight into what many would say is a flaw in the Child Support Enforcement system within America, when a Noncustodial Parent loses their job and is unable to pay their child support.


In Part 1 of Episode 7, a Noncustodial Parent discloses how the court denied the opportunity to reduce his child support obligation after losing his job.  The continued obligation led to an accumulation of arrears, which triggered an arrest warrant, and child support judgment on his credit report.  Never having a prior criminal record, he never received notice of the arrest warrant, and he was arrested.  After spending several months in the Bergen County Jail, he contacted the Custodial Support Foundation, and was provided with an attorney, who was able to convince the Judge to release him and reduce his child support obligation.

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What Services Are Available For Noncustodial Parents Who Owe Arrears?

Answer: Amnesty Program

In Part 2 of Episode 7, Attorney Alexandra Stremler discusses how important it is for Noncustodial Parents to retain the services of an attorney to assist in their child support related problems.  She raises the issues that many judges feel if a Noncustodial Parent can afford an expensive attorney, they can afford to pay their child support arrears.  She explains how the Custodial Support Foundation Amnesty Program's cost effective legal fees, enables an attorney to represent a Noncustodial Parent can't afford to pay their arrears, when applying for a downward child support obligation.

Special thanks to Ariel Schochet for sharing his story on the Custodial Support Forum.

Episode Cast and Guests

Host, Editor & Founder: Kai D. Patterson

Kai D. Patterson received his B.S. in Mathematics with concentrations in Aerospace and Computer Science from Hampton University.  Mr. Patterson is responsible for innovations for NASA, Telecom, NFL, Real Estate and Missing Children


Mr. Patterson was raised by a single parent mother, who never received child support but struggled to ensure he would be a success.  In honor of his late mother, he founded the Custodial Support Foundation to service parents owed child support.

Co-Host and President: Alexandra Stremler


Alexandra B. Stremler, Esq. is the President of the Custodial Support Foundation, and provides legal analysis services for custodial parents and noncustodial parents to enable each client to receive the .


Mrs. Stremler's  s the founding Partner of the Law Office of Alexandra B. Stremler.  Mrs. Stremler received here Juris Doctor at University of Florida Law School, and has practiced Family Law for more than 19 years.

Co-Host and Legal Analyst: Benjamin Kelsen

Benjamin G. Kelsen, JMC is the founding Partner of the Law Office of Benjamin G. Kelsen, Esq., LLC.   Mr. Kelsen received his Bachelor of Arts in History at theYeshiva University and his Juris Doctor at Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law, NY.

Judge Kelsen is a dedicated advocate with a long-standing interest in offering true guidance, who also assists in the preparation of the legal documents to enable custodial parents to receive Child Support Enforcement Orders.

Cast and Child Support Advocate: Antoinette Dismukes


Antoinette Dismukes is a single custodial parent owed over $62,000 in child support arrears by the noncustodial parent of her child, and recently subscribed to the Custodial Support Foundation's Collection Program.


Miss Dismukes shares her plight in previously attempting to collect the arrears her child is owed, and provides insight into some of the problems that many custodial parents experience when trying to collect child support.

Guest and Noncustodial Parent: Ariel Schochet


Ariel Schochet is a noncustodial parent who was denied a reduction of his child support obligation, after unemployed and significantly underemployed, as a result of a requirement to determine his change in circumstances was permanent.


Mr. Schochet eventually retained the services of the Custodial Support Foundation's Amnesty Program, and was immediately granted a temporary reduction of is his child support obligation, after being denied a modification for years by the court.

Guest, Noncustodial Parent and Police Officer: Daryl Yelverton


Daryl Yelverton is a noncustodial parent who has never owed arrears, initiated the filing to obtain a child support order to pay child support for his daughter, but was met with a system that catered to custodial mothers.


He was initially provided with a child support order through a Court Arbitrator, but the order was increased by his child's mother without a change in circumstances, which required him to pay several months of the difference between his original order.

Crew & Supporters

Producer: Michael Mathews

Director: Lisa Durden

Music: Smack Entertainment, Inc.

Producer: Eric Livsey
Hair & Make Up: Antoinette Dismukes
Assistant: Reggie Brown

Director: Mark C. Hutchinson
Video Introduction: Gerald Barclay
Studio & Equipment: Cablevision, Inc.

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Project Child Support is a Sponsor of the Custodial Support Foundation of the Trust Counselors Network

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