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Our 5 Keys to Successfully Collecting Child Support Arrears

Collection Program - Project Child Support's Collection Program provides 5 Keys to effectively collect child support arrears.

Unpaid child support has reached more than 100 billion dollars in the United States in 2011, and there are more than 25 million custodial parents owed child support.

Many custodial parents have become frustrated with trying to receive child support for their children, because noncustodial parents take extraordinary measures to avoid paying child support.

Some noncustodial parents will avoid a custodial parent’s calls, quit their jobs, relocate and transfer their assets. 

If arrested, many noncustodial parents will wait until they are eventually released from jail and continue failing to pay child support.

Many police departments have too many serious felony warrants to focus on arresting noncustodial parents with child support warrants, unless they are arrested for some other reason.

Compared Our Services - Many custodial parents are unaware they can take other legal measures to receive child support, which include seizing and liquidating the assets of the noncustodial parents of their children.

Our 5 Keys

Here are the five (5) keys to collecting child support arrears from a noncustodial parent that can afford to pay, but refused to do so:


Obtain an Investigative Report: Investigative Services

The investigative report determines the noncustodial parent's address to properly serve a noncustodial parent with a Motion for a Child Support Enforcement Order.

The noncustodial parents address determine from the investigative report enables certification to be provided to the court to confirm the Motion was delivered to the noncustodial parent's proper address, even if they refuse to accept delivery.

The investigative report determines the noncustodial parent's assets to levy once an enforcement order is granted to pay the arrears and fees to obtain the enforcement order.

The investigative report determines the noncustodial parent's income to prevent them from hiding their income to obtain a reduce child support order.


File a Motion to Receive a Child Support Enforcement Order: Legal Assistance

File a Motion ("Motion to Enforce the Litigant's Rights") to obtain a Child Support Enforcement Order against the noncustodial parent to levy and liquidate the noncustodial parnet's assets, to pay all child support arrears and all fees.

Receive legal representation to argue the Child Support Enforcement Motion should the noncustodial parent contest the Motion.


Levy, Seize and Liquidate the Noncustodial Parent's Assets: Collection Services

Once the Child Support Enforcement Order is obtained, an attorney based collection agency is contracted to establish a collection agreement or levy, seize and liquidate the noncustodial parents assets to pay the arrears.

Levy, seize and liquidate the noncustodial parent’s assets with a Child Support Enforcement Order, once it is obtained to pay the child support arrears and all fees to required to obtain the Enforcement Order.

Once a noncustodial parent is arrested, Bounty Alert will contract a collection agency to levy, seize and liquidate a noncustodial parents assets, pay the child support arrears.


Obtain an Arrest Warrant Against the Noncustodial Parent Should They Not Comply with the Order:  Apprehension Service

Obtain an arrest warrant against a noncustodial parent for failing to comply with the enforcement order, and if the arrears are excessive, which requires payment to vacate or terminate the arrest warrant.

The Custodial Support Foundation's Warrant Program enables custodial parents to receive the documents to have an arrest warrant issued against a noncustodial parent for failing to pay child support.

Contract a fugitive recovery agent to apprehend the noncustodial parent once the arrest warrant has been issued.


Collect All Fees to Obtain the Enforcement Order and Collect Arrears in Accordance with the Order : Refunds

Establish payment plan with the noncustodial parent to pay all fees, including any services fees paid to obtain the Child Support Enforcement Order.

Levy, seize and liquidate the noncustodial parent's assets, should they fail to establish a payment plan or comply with the payment plan terms to pay any fess paid by the custodial parent to obtain the Enforcement Order.

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Project Child Support Will Not Take Any Portion Of A Parent’s Child Support As Payment

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