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Management, Key Staff Members and Advocates

Project Child Support's Management Team and Advocates possess the backgrounds and motivation to provide custodial with the legal services and resources they need to collect child support, when they have a child support order, but still owed arrears.

Kai D. Patterson: CEO, President and Founder of Project Child Support and Bounty Alert, Inc.

Kai Patterson received his B.S. in Mathematics with minors in Aerospace and Computer Science from Hampton University.  He is responsible for innovations for NASA, Telecom, NFL, Real Estate, Missing Children and Fugitive Recovery


Mr. Patterson was raised by a single parent mother, who never received child support but struggled to ensure he would be a success.  Mr. Patterson developed the service model of Project Child Support with the assistance of several attorneys.

Attorney Alexandra Stremler, Esq.: Attorney Advocate and Advisor


Alexandra B. Stremler, Esq. in an Attorney Advocate and Consultant for Project Child Support, who provides legal analysis services for custodial parents for the Collection Program and noncustodial parents for the Amnesty Program.


Mrs. Stremler received her Juris Doctor at University of Florida Law School, has practiced Family Law for more than 20 years, and has assisted in the development of the Project Child Support's services.

Antoinette Dismukes: Child Support Advocate


Antoinette Dismukes is a Child Support Advocate for Project Child Support, who assists in subscribing to Project Child Support's Collection Program, Filing Program and Amnesty Program.


Ms. Dismukes is a single custodial parent who is collecting over $50,000 in child support arrears.  She provides guidance to custodial parents who are trying to collect child support, and noncustodial parents who are paying their arrears.

Mark C. Hutchinson: Director, Talk Show Producer and Advocate Director

Mark C. Hutchinson received his Bachelors of Science in Speech from the Emerson College, has logged more than 2000 days and has over 10,000 hours in pre-production and production, in studio and on location.


 Mr. Hutchinson previously served as a AD for The Crucible, What’s The Worst That Can happen, The Best Man, Life Support, Love Monkey, The Dinner Party,  The Honeymooners, Rescue Me and Law and Order: Special Victim’s Unit.

Project Child Support Will Not Take Any Portion Of A Parent’s Child Support As Payment

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