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Our Filing Program - Project Child Support's Filing Program provides custodial parents with free tools and information to file to receive a child support order and child support through their regional child support enforcement agency.


Our Collection Program - Project Child Support's Collection Program also provides custodial parents with the services to receive child support from nonpaying noncustodial parents by identifying, locating, seizing and liquidating their assets, in addition to providing fugitive recovery agents to apprehend noncustodial parents with child support warrants.  This program also includes private investigative services to locate noncustodial a parent's location, income and assets.


Legal Assistance Services - Project Child Support provides legal assistance programs that enable custodial parents to personally represent themselves, or have an attorney file the necessary court documents and make the court appearance to seize and liquidate noncustodial parents assets to collect child support.  These services are provided with the Collection Program.


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