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Paid by Noncustodial Parents through Collections


The Custodial Support Foundation's Collection Program enables custodial parents to receive a full refund of all fees through collections or the liquidation of noncustodial parents' assets. 


See: Collection Program


We feel custodial parents should be reimbursed by noncustodial parents for all services fees and expenses to recover the child support their children deserve.

The lawsuit documents prepared for  custodial parents to sue noncustodial parents include the Warrant Program and Collection Program fees.

The lawsuit documents also sues the noncustodial parent for any fees a custodial parent has previously spent to collect child support and lost wages to attend court.


To enable custodial parents to receive a full refund, the lawsuit documents sues the noncustodial parent for collection agency fees and fugitive recovery fees, which includes rewards posted to locate noncustodial parents.

Once a judgment for a lawsuit is obtained, a collection agency will be contracted to recover all fees and liquidate all noncustodial parent’s assets, at no additional cost to custodial parents.

If you have a child support order, owed excessive arrears, click here for our Collection Program.

See: Filing Program

If you have not filed for child support, but owed child support arrears, click here for our free Filing Program.

Bounty Alert is a Sponsor of the Custodial Support Foundation.

Bounty Alert was designed and developed with the support of law enforcement agents and  lawyers.

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Project Child Support Will Not Take Any Portion Of A Parent’s Child Support As Payment

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